Lock N Load with Bill Frady podcast

Thanks to the NY SAFE Act kidnapping and rape are now items on the buffet,For the Ladies-Choosing that first semi auto handgun,LEO and FBI are going to target the SWATters,Inside the Gun Rights Policy Conference,From Defense Distributed-Cody Wilson and I discuss the Liberator the Ghost Gunner and the future.

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You have a better chance of dying falling off a bicycle than in a "mass" shooting, The Insane out of control followers of Moms Demand Action,Not one more female Realtor should die!,Its is becoming hard to tell in Chicago how long they are going to be punched around by the courts, 4 Very interesting segments with Bob Owens of bearingarms.com

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Maybe its time for the President and First Lady to carry a concealed weapon,Moms Demand supporters are looking for more executions of legal open carriers,Four Rules of Gun Safety failure,The Ghost Gunner!,Jan Morgan is a no show so I give you my take on banning Muslims from a gun shop,Another bow hunter without a gun attacked by a bear,Oklahoma terror and gun control,Preppers are ready for Ebola.

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St Louis Police Chief sues to overturn voters and make gun rights "alienable",How we should really look at the 2nd Amendment,Being a gun control advocate means never having to say you were wrong,Guns at work takes in new meaning since Oklahoma,I am joined by the Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea, A primer for thos ignorant anti gun "Journalists", Pre crime is now the law in California.

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NYMag.com makes the case that mass killings are going down then calls for more gun control,Man kills pregnant woman after getting out of jail for killing a pregnant woman,Take your apetite and your gun to Begerons Restaurant in Port Allen Louisiana,Proving the "need" in places lice DC,Oklahoma BeHeader's Mom wants both sides of the story?, Jersey City Mayor spends an extra$10,000 being socially responsible,In NY the Oathkeepers get labeled and libeled,Feinstein thinks everyone is wrong about the actual effect of the "Assault Weapons" Ban,Background checks are based on a false promise.

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Eric Holder can run but there is no hiding,Why does the USDA need sub machine guns,CCW holder in New Haven Connecticut is about to own a big chunk of New Haven,Oklahoma beheading proves we need firearms to fight back,I have noticed some people and I warn them off,The Kennedy family is really a bunch of foul ups,Writer at NY Times does something stupid and blames guns,DC Police losses the fingerprints?

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Holder is retiring but who knows where he goes next,Bloombergs 50 million dollar desire for gun control is backfiring,How Gun control made the UK so violent,NBC shocked to find that more people want armed teachers,NJ and NY highlight the double standard,FBI releases mass shooting report,Moms Demand protest the place they claim to support,Hickenlooper about to pay the price for gun control,10 common mistakes when training with firearms,Peruta could change everything.

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Shaneen Allen is not going to jail!,NY Daily News shocked to discover that UnArmed Teachers cannot protect students,Fact checking Feinstein on the "Assault Weapons" Ban,Moms Demand Action channel Joesph Goebbels, From Pepper and Shooter Magazine I am joined by Vincent DeNiro.

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Our Westgate Mall incident is coming,SAFE Act proponent gets a slap on the wrist for carrying a gun into a school in Buffalo NY,Time Ragazine comes out for banning private sales of guns....again,Stupidest School Safety drill ever,Looking some more at NJ.com Op Ed,The OODA Loop-What is it?-How to apply it? 

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US Military members are disarmed in certain locales while it appears ISIS may hunt them down in their homes,Hey Target-How is that whole gun free zone thing working out?,NJ newspaper calls for mandatory gun confiscation,Dem wants to regulate"ghost guns" nationally,Het Gabby Giffords-No more sympathy for you!,Gun dealers-How about some customer service?,Its a good thing I don't heed NBCs advice.

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