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Study: Political gap between gun owners and non-owners grows with every election, Lott: Women and minorities drive increase in handgun permits, Controversial Chief Janeé Harteau was asked by Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges to leave the agency in the aftermath of the shooting of Justine Damond, Self-defense: Not just for ‘important’ people.

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Going to be down for maintenance and repair Monday, Letter to the editor: Concerns over gun rights lead to greater harm, Ben Feuer: Apply term limits to Supreme Court.

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From Polite Society Podcast, Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast, and writing 2A articles everywhere I am joined again by Rob Morse.

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He Fights, Overcoming The Fight-Or-Flight Response, One State is Considering New Gun Control Legislation, Crime rise is biggest in a decade, ONS figures show, OSU ‘Study’ Bolsters Meme that Gun Owner Control Opponents are ‘Extreme’.

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Charlie Gard Is the Face of Single-Payer, Blaming Gun Owners- 2017, EU Gun Control Punishes Responsible Gun Owners, The Second-Class Second Amendment?

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We Must Elect Senator Kid Rock, Careful What You Wish For…, Australians Sound Off on Second Amendment, Hijacking the 2016 presidential election, Raising Our Boys to Be 'Dangerous' Men.

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Judge Tells Marine to Choose Between 2A Rights And Fostering Grandson, Segregated Gun Owners, Everytown says gun control movement is seeing momentum???, A Message to Republicans: Do What You Can, Manufacturing Hate for ‘Made in America’.

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Training, CCW, and Tactics with Agency Arms Asset, Aimpoint Adviser, Trigget Time TV Host.....more stuff than I can mention. Tonight i am joined by Tatiana Whitlock.






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The World According to Second Call Defense with Sean Maloney.



For info on Seans event go to 




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Kicking off to wax on all things political and litigious with Roger Katz and Stephen D'Andrilli of Arbalest Quarrel.







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