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Arming women, Activist Judges and all things training with Rick Ector of Legally Armed In Detroit.

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Alien Gear Bashes Police for Shooting Armed Suspect ACTIVELY SHOOTING AT POLICE, States ask Supreme Court to halt unjustified searches of lawful gun owners, New Jersey AG: Gun buy backs will help to slow violent crime, FDIC Ordered to Turn Over Documents in Operation Choke Point Lawsuit, Why Replace Obamacare with Anything?

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Federation to File Criminal Complaint Against Animal Activists Who Threatened Huntress, Retired Doctor Calls Attention to Medicine’s Shameful Silence on Suppressors, What Has Happened to Minneapolis?, What if the Trump-Sessions feud is one big charade?

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Keeping Up The Pressure, More Minority Women Are Buying Guns, but the AP Doesn’t Ask Why, Californians Kiss Their Gun Rights Goodby!, Student may sue Evergreen State over off-campus gun ban, Black Woman Carries Gun on Campus, NY Times Readers’ Heads Explode.

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Trump's Circular Firing Squad, The Murder Of Charlie Gard, The President Better Pick His Battles To Win The DC Game of Thrones, Man Defeats Top ‘Smart Gun’ Tech with $15 Worth of Magnets.

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Three Self-Defense Myths That Just Won't Die, Minneapolis mayoral candidate Raymond Dehn proposes disarming police of guns, Schumer: Let's Drop The Fiction That Single-Payer Is Not On The Table; It's On The Table, Why the Left Protects Islam.

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Mother Jones’ Latest Claim Has Gun Owners Laughing, “Top” Five States That Disrespect Non-Residents’ Gun Rights: A Traveler’s Guide, Brits Vs. Guns, Muslim Leader’s Terrifying Message To Americans: “In Two Years America Will Be A Land Of Muslims And Christians Will Be Our Slaves”.

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Wading through all the legalese coming out of the DC court decision with Roger Katz and Stephen D'Andrilli of Arbalest Quarrel.




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Cruise Ship Gun Free Zones, A Terrorist’s Dream, Another Gun-Control Fantasy Just to Make US Feel Better, Columnist Lauds Aussie Gun Control; Doesn’t ‘Contend’ With 2A, Ignoring Schumer, Trump-crazed Democrat vows to 'eliminate' Trump, In Hell we remain.

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Female Hunter Commits Suicide After Receiving Threats From Animal Rights Activists, Former Bloomberg Lackey Comes Clean on True Anti-Gun Agenda, Sign Calls Out the Idiotic Debate on Campus Carry, Sidearms for Soldiers , Make it a Movement

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