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Slaughter in gun control Chicago,48 hours and 25 deaths in New York City,Background checks-good for gun buyres-Bad for prospective employers,Bloomberg tactics are misfiring, Bloomberg and Schumer disagree on anti gun message,Bloomberg bus tour coy about locations and dates,Are you willing to die for freedom,SanFran gun rules likely to spur litigation,Bill Clinton and gun control,Chicago is quickly becoming a shooting gallery.

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Toy gun buyback?Really?,School"safety" logo contest illustrates utter hypocrisy on gun imagery,Kurt Hofmann awarded the CSGV's "highest honor",CSGV characterizes oath to obey Constitution as treason,Facts to be recognized in the Gun Control debate 2013,UCLA Professor says Gun Control cannot stop a Madman,Executive Director Larry Pratt Joins me.

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More thoughts on Santa Monica, Zero tolerance policy could backfire on kids,Inside the twisted mind of a gun grabber,Blooberg:Ban double negatives,Staples has backed off of their anti gun stance and who cares,NJ Mom gets her guns back after she was charged with talking,DHS ammo purchases stopped in the House,Illinois delays the inevitable,SanFran City Attorney sues gun companies for selling legal items.

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Santa Monica shooter reinforces the the gun free zone myth,State took guns of man for mischief night egg fight,School teacher responds to sinister 'War on Guns',NY Guns and the Hypocrite of the week, Another rich progressive seeks to bully gun culture,GOA addresses the HIPAA prvacy rule,Illinois prosecuter criticized over concealed carry,Sane Colorado wants to secede from Crazy Colorado to form North Colorado.

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All this spying and they want to dis arm us?, The Schools sinister war on guns,A Few questions for B. Todd Jones,From the Kentucky Gun Company owner Patrick Haden come on to talk about their benefit and raffle for the family of Slain Police Officer Jason Ellis, From Florida Discount Guns Rob Valli come in to discuss his unique offerings and perspective in the Gun Industry.

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Civilians are safer than police,Gun Control FAILS to prevent criminals from getting guns-AGAIN,New CNN host joins Piers as someone who is uncomfortable with the gun culture,Colorado recall target rails against outside money while accepting 55 times as much outside money,New SanFran law seeks to track ammo and ban normal magazines,7 thoughts on the NSA bombshell,Police who shoot the wrong people and civilians who shoot criminals.

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New York was an outdoor range last weekend and the citizens were the target,Micheal Moore walks back suggestion of Newtown victim photo gallery,Maryland suspends boy on bus for saying"gun",Tara Kyle places the blame in the right place,The firing squad professor feels the heat where he works-so he apologizes,Dont use the word militia on Twitter/but you can use jihad,An hour with Rick Ector as we discuss hypocritical gun buybacks and first time shooters and students.

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Lock N Load with Bill Frady Ep 262

MD school wants deaf child to change sign for his name because it violates zero tolerance policy,Police State Europe,From the Office of Misinformation:Gun Control Australian Style,UN ATT is bad-nuff said,Beware delegitimized government,The real war on women,Eric Woodard of 199trust.com joins me to discuss the benefits of a gun trust,Holmes tries to cut a deal, 9 year old dis arms home invader and opens fire.

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Colorado recall works with Morse!,When you have to shoot-shoot;dont talk,The cultural difference between the UK and the US,Is a Revolution in the offing?,NY Guns and the Hypocrite of the Week!,Medford gun firing incident highlights law enforcement double standard,NYT to CT gunmakers-good riddance to bad rubbish,Professor thinks the military should kill gun advocacy groups and members,Most Presidents ignore the Constitution.

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Kindergartener interrogated over un loaded cap gun,Brits want handgun ban repealed,Illinois is shall issue!,Texas Grandpa shot down by cops in his own driveway,Anti gun"Demanding Mom's" funded Bloomberg and the MAIG,Are guns bad?,Staples lumps gun business with all sorts of unsavory types,Do magazine bans require the Supreme Court to ignore DC vs Heller, Obama signing UN ATT tomorrow.

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