Lock N Load with Bill Frady podcast (general)

AntiGun group claims to outline Constitutional justification for confiscation,UN Panel on voluntary surrender of firearms,Obama remains committed to gun control,Women and Guns with Lisa Marie Judy,The incredible story of Pastor Carl Sanders,DC business man gets arrested for having brass and holsters or something like that,The listeners weigh in hard.

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Lock N Load with Bill Frady Ep 348

California ruling not recognizing AK platform as boneheaded as Miller ruling by SCOTUS in 1934, Lets secure our weapons around children,Same tech company that designed Obamacare site failed when setting up Canadian gun registry,Holder says mass shooting numbers have tripled,A conversation with Paul G. Markel from studentofthegun.com, From Gun Nation News we hear from Brandy Vega.

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Lock N Load with Bill Frady Ep 347

Liberals want violence with us if they can blame us,DC Police Chief breaks a lot of gun laws for the cause,Zero tolerance and enrichment exercises,90%-Where did that figure come from?,The listeners are getting frustrated with the elitists,Sheriff Jim Brown throws down the gauntlet,In Cali-CCW permit application denied after home invasion,From the Office of MisInformatio:The new model for gun background checks, BattleComp Challenge tester Scott Henninger calls in with his review,Magpul Industries is beginning to raise eyebrows,43 to 1....Yeah Right!

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I guess the ATF is aiming at my legally owned hand grenades now?,10 Facts Americans need to know about gun control,There is murder then there is Modern Progressive Elite Murder,NJ smart gun fails on every magazine,Bloomberg pushing Illinois 3 year mandatory sentencing,Alan Gura responds to SCOTUS not taking up Woollard, The listeners have their say.

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Lock N Load with Bill Frady

Obamacare is going forward and some of us voted for it,Senate kills UN ATT for now,Hakensack NJ Police Director calls for gunowners to be fingerprinted,Supreme Court is not always the place to go regarding gun rights,Clerk defends himself-Gets fired,Some people think CCW violates principle,Racists call in and defy reason,CT Governor does not know law he signed,CSGV says suppressors bad,CO democrats are signing petition to recall 3rd anti gun Senator,18 reasons to feel good about owning guns.

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New Jersey politicians like the "Smart Guns",Personal Defense Weapon owners survey pushes back on the gun grabber narrative,Constitutional Carry,Coalition to Stop Gun Violence condemns advocates for not voicing conspiracy theories,They also claim they haven't ever sought to ban handguns....right!,Why police chiefs heart gun control and Sheriffs do not,Concealed weapon carriers are public benefactors,Blind people and guns,Occam's Razor and the US Constitution.

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New Jersey politicians like the "Smart Guns",Personal Defense Weapon owners survey pushes back on the gun grabber narrative,Constitutional Carry,Coalition to Stop Gun Violence condemns advocates for not voicing conspiracy theories,They also claim they haven't ever sought to ban handguns....right!,Why police chiefs heart gun control and Sheriffs do not,Concealed weapon carriers are public benefactors,Blind people and guns,Occam's Razor and the US Constitution.

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New Jersey politicians only want "Smart Guns",Personal Defense Weapons and the bum rap the get,Constitutional Carry,Coalition to Stop Gun Violence thinks we are ignoring all the conspiracy theories, They also claim they have never wanted to ban handguns,Why do Police chiefs advocate for Gun Control and the Sheriffs go the other way?,Concealed hangun carriers are public benefactors,Blind people and guns,Applying Occams Razor to the Constitution.

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Hickenlooper to MAIG:Stay out of Colorado,Number of concealed carriers is going to double,Pros and Cons of 9mm-.40-.45 ACP,From Texas Law Shield I am joined by Edwin and Michelle as we discuss legal defese after self defense, TK Martindill joins me from The Shooters Source and we discuss the fusion of tactical and competitive training.

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Lock N Load with Bill Frady Ep 342

California bans all lead ammo,Road terror Crotch Rockets SUVs and the 2nd Amendment,Mississippi open carry hysteria unfounded,CWP training while cutting corners,Chicago "Safe Passage Zones' are as bulletproof as gun free zones,From the Office of MisInformation-Targeted gun control, 5 tips after you get that CWP, From Costa Ludus we are joined by Chris Costa

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Lock N Load with Bill Frady Ep 341

Brady Campaign likes Kenyan gun control measures to keep Nairobi style massacre from occurring here, For whats its worth-My advice for setting up a plate carrier,NYT will tell you all you need to know so shut up,Freedom Group head fakes and the gun grabbers are furious, Technology kils, Tactical Response MFCEO James Yeager comes in and we discuss optics-Precision rifle bulids-Optics on pistols-Manipulation of weapons and how it has evolved.

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This is actually not the proper episode, but the actual #340 had some technical issues. If you want the actual #340 let me know.

Opening the show with Larry Pratt-Executive Director of GunOwners of America, Women and Guns with Lisa Marie Judy, From the Washington Times I finally get to interview Emily Miller,Someone who doesn't matter anymore wants gunowners to be harmed,Can you actually have a reasonable conversation with a gun grabber.

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Justice Ruth Bader Ginberg's opinion of the 2nd Amendment,ATF attempts to cancel book by whistleblower John Dodson,Edwin and Michelle from Texas Law Shield,NBC laments the failure of gun control efforts,CCW holders commit less murder than LEO,NYT again demonstrates their hatred of the American gunowner.

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What is "Modest"gun control?,Chicago Sun Times lobbies for run and hide law,SC has more places of limits to a CCW holder than California does!,Constitutional Sheriff Chuck Wright,College campus' are a very lush target rich gun free zone, Chris Costa joins us for an hour.

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They Have us surrounded,"Point em out Knock em out"teen  jailed after his intended target shot him,Look to veterans for gun control answers,Self defense tip-Think the unthinkable,From Tactical Response we are joined by James Yeager, Constitional Sheriff Richard Mack.

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From the Office of MisInformation:A few stupid ideas on gun control,And the (incompetent)militarization of ther nation's police continues,Some people just should not carry a gun,Are you ready for a home invasion?,Lesson from a modern day gunfighter,Women and Guns with Lisa Marie Judy, Gun ban extremist mistakenly speaks sense,A conversation with Larry Lasky from Froglube.

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Yes you can buy a gun during Government shutdown,Too many examples of Zero Tolerance in schools, Based on the way education is being run total gun bans are possible within 50 years,Why do police depts need MRAP's,Congress' 10 worst infringements on personal liberty, and the listeners weigh in.

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I think the bikers vs Land Rover incident in NY answers the question why do we need 30 round magazines,Court Rejects Obamas claim that his administration is above the law,Mass Police Chief confiscates FID due to immaturity, New Gun Industry friendly PistolPay-the guys come on to explain who they are, Gabriel Gomez isnt the 2nd Amendments friend, From GunOwners of California I am Joined by Sam Parades, From Youtube Tim Harmsen of ther Military Arms Channel.

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Hypocrisy within the Obama Administration concerning guns and UN ATT,Gun Hating and Constitution Hating-You cannot have one withouth the other,Texas Law Shield returns to talk about self defense and legal defense,Commander Dale Brown from Detroit Threat Management comes in to talk his unique company, Larrry Pratt from GunOwners of America.

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Commandant of US Marine Corps wants his people armed and ready,Liberalism and mass shootings,Conversation with US Rep Jeff Duncan and the UN ATT and all the alphabet agencies becoming armed, The callers weigh in, My home defense plan.

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Under Obama we have Constitutional betrayal, Academia is trying to poison the minds of our young people against guns,The listeners bring it, Women and Guns with Lisa Marie Judy from New Mexico with 61 ladies present to learn the way of the gun.

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As the seasons change does your carry method and gun change?,I am tired of this constant attack on our rights everytime the system fails, The listeners weigh in, Q&A with Rick Ector from Detroit.

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Open discussion about the runaway asset forfeiture and seizure by Law Enforcement, Q&A with Tactical Instructor Brannon LeBeouf of NOLATAC.

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Obama does not like Firearms freedom,The "World" may need to intervene because we are the Wild West,Very interseting conversation with the folks from Texas Law Shield.

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Was the DC Naval Yard shooter a new breed of predator?,Top 8 fallacies about the Navy Yard shooting,Connecticut man freaks out over legal open carry-gets arrested,9 potential mass shootings stopped by armed civilians,Q&A with James Yeager.

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StarBucks caves in....Sort of,Gun ownership is a moral and civil right,California proves that "military features" are not the only thing they don't like about guns, Very interesting calls today, Women and Guns with Lisa Marie Judy.

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More discussion on the DC shooter, Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea joins me to talk about the Senate's attempted takeover of the flow of information,The listeners weigh in.

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Yesterdays tragedy:We begin to de construct, Managing Editor of thetruthaboutguns.com-Dan Zimmerman comes on to discuss the Senates attack on the 1st Amendment and how important information is to liberty.

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What is an authorized journalist?,Emanuel attempts to expand the gun free zone in Chicago, We try to keep up with the news concerning the DC Naval Yard shootings, Q&A with Edwin and Michelle from Texas Law Shield.

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From the US Forest Service:Bullets start fires,AntiGun Group will Demand Action on Sept 19,From the Office of MisInformation:Background Checks would have caught the Boston Marathon Bombers,A rocking Q&A with Tactical Response MFCEO James Yeager.

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Why the recal?-How about those expanded background checks?,The Gun Industry is STILL growing,Not all who can are distancing themselves from anti gun states,Chicago gun registry is gone,Q&A with Lisa Marie Judy for Women and Guns.

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Colorado ousts anti gun State Senators against all odds and an ocean of cash,California goes dark,Will Californians comply?,The Science is settled:Guns don't cause crime,Are gun grabbers cowards, Q&A with Rick Ector.

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Opening rant about Obama and Syria and us,Why aren't Republicans rescinding gun control measures?,Its on in Colorado,What comes after Self defense? Texas Law Shield joins me to discuss the final piece of self protection.

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The common sense meme diluted by Obama,Dorner X 1000:Food for thought,Obama is a gun grabber with nothing to lose,OFA states that defeat is victory!,Gun carrying Mom stops 3 car jackers,Q&A with Larry Pratt-Executive Director of GunOwners of America.

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Chicago Police Superintendent indicates his officers wont know the difference between a law abiding CCW and a gang member,Is being stabbed morally superior to being shot?,The listeners call in, Q&A with James Yeager  from Tactical Response.

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Chicago Police Superintendent indicates his officers wont know the difference between a law abiding CCW and a gang member,Is being stabbed morally superior to being shot?,The listeners call in, Q&A with James Yeager  from Tactical Response.

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Gun grabbers go full Femme a Gogue in Colorado,Gun owner stops early morning KC crime spree, Black Man with a Gun Kenn Blanchard, Women and Guns with Lisa Marie Judy.

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Gun grabbers go full Femme a Gogue in Colorado,Gun owner stops early morning KC crime spree, Black Man with a Gun Kenn Blanchard, Women and Guns with Lisa Marie Judy.

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Ant Gunners upset over NC save the gun law,Anti Gunners all in for Colorado recall vote, No More Names MAIG bus tour turns pro gun,A New Yorkers view of gun control, Q&A with Rick Ector.

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Liberals wrestle with how to deal with brazen socipaths, Why an optic on your pistol?,Light triggers ARE good on a carry gun, From the Office of MisInformation:More academic nonsense based on lies,The brainwashing of America continues,ND's and the militarized police,Even if it's only rabbit season be on the lookout for bears.

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To be a true pacifist you have to be able to destroy your enemy,Anti Gun Colorado politician calls self defense absurd,Should you use your gun to stop a crime not being committed against you?,New shooters are young-Women-Urbanites,Obama's latest"rules" only effect the law abiding.

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Picture ID-Background check-Cost and law notwithstanding:Bill Clinton says it's easier to buy an "assault weapon" than to vote,Obama quadruples down from the mean streets of Chicago,SHTF Urban Survival with Chance Sanders, From Tactical Response-Q&A with James Yeager.

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I am very unprepared for SHTF, Salient Arms is being ripped off,Anti gun politician wants gun after home break in,CA Senator Leland Yee doesn't like law abiding gunowners,In Illinois they continue to stall, Women and Guns with Lisa Marie Judy.

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Private school in Bryant Arkansas trains and arms staff to protect children: From Bryant-Pastor Perry Black, A very nice conversation with destiny from the FateofDestiny channel on YouTube.

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Dear Starbucks;Please become a gun free zone,Its been a tough year for the gun grabbers,American killing fields???,Giffords gun control PAC busted for illegal contributions,Private school in Arkansas arms teachers and staff,Comic book gun control,Chicago Pre Crime,Harvard:Gun control does not work,Chris Lane was murdered by something other than boredom, Mexican women tool up against the cartels.

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Gun crime out of control in Australia, despite them being banned,Poor Rodney Long,CDC Violence Study findings inconveniently go against the narrative, From Tactical Response-James Yeager.

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First hour with Massad Ayoob, Women and Guns with Lisa Marie Judy.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_307.mp3
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Smart guns for devious people,Murderers for sport,California gun confiscation,Chief:Militarized Police keep us safe from the Military,Q&A with Rick Ector.

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Organizing for Action is coming for you,US Army buys nearly 600 thousand AK-47 magazines,Another Gun Maker says farewell to tough restrictions,Illinois expands background checks to all gun purchases,Recent case blazes trail for SYG in PA,Last line of defense.

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Gun Company pushes back at anti gun Banks,Gun control playbook codifies blood dancing,From the Office of MisInformation:We are used to madness,Arm the teachers or follow me way off the reservation,Its's ok to carry a gun into a bar, Don't believe everything you read.

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Q&A with James Yeager of Tactical Response,Open Carry Retired veteran threatened at gunpoint by un informed LEO,Stop and Frisk and gun grabbing from the same guy for the same reason,Young gun grabbing moron from the paralleluniverse,The callers bring it.

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NJ now prohibits gun ownership to undisireables...oh sorry people on the "Terror Watch List", Flagstaff school drill demonstrates the futility of the gun free zone,The listeners chime in, Women and Guns with Lisa Marie Judy.

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What do gun control activists think passes for "effective messaging"?,White House responds to "Gun Free Zone" petition-Politicians need armed security,Run and Hide is Obama Administrations clever plan for next school shooting,The 5 principles of survival guns and weapons,Q&A with Rick Ector.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_301.mp3
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Adrian and Aaron Chavez of Salient Arms join me and we talk gun building,If you draw your gun call the police,Guns in the car,Apple complies with the police state,California wants to be king of the Gun Control hill.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_300.mp3
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Leave the names of gun toting teachers private,Police Dept rejects "safety" device anti gun groups claim is necessary,Do older people need different handguns?,Irrational and UnConstititional gun control proposals,LAPD's hypocrisy about gun prosecutions, VPC continues to demonize free enterprise along with concealed carry,Some Gun makers simply move and take the jobs with them.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_299.mp3
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CSGV caught red handed: Lies broken down,The gun free utopia exists,Marine vet allowed to keep gun's and home,CFR supports 2nd Amendment but .....,Firearm sales continue to rise for 38th consecutive month,To MAIG your policies killed my aunt, Gun grabber handbook wants to play with your emotions, Sern Chris Murphy is the next DiFi.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_298.mp3
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From the Office of MisInformation; Internet provides dangerous loophole on gun sales,Gun insurance requirement would be punitive tax,Don't mess with Texas,Women and Guns kicks off with my Expert: Lisa Marie Judy.

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No Gun was needed,Younger generation key to perpetuating gun rights,From the Office of MisInformatio:Insane support for SYG,When is something tactically unsound, Q&A with Rick Ectors from Detroit.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_296_01.mp3
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MAIG Director Mark Glaze gives us some self defense tips,Waxman and HR 2019,Power hates Power,The Gun Grabber manual,The fight for your gun rights.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_295.mp3
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Trayvon Martin's parent's petition and deconstructing it,The UnIntended Consequences of Amnesty,And then the calls started coming in.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_294.mp3
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The stupidest Gun Control press conference ever!,Friedman's "pencil story" and the 2nd Amendment,What liberal media WILL NOT tell you,From the Office of Misinformation-We cannot shoot away our fears,B Todd Jones.

Lock N Load Tshirt now available in sizes Med-4xl. $19.95 and the shipping is on me.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_293.mp3
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NYPD can hide but you cannot use a gun in NYC to defend yourself,Gun Control running out of steam,Will Illinois ever realize concealed carry?,Detroit council weighs in on Martin/Zimmerman while Detroit is in shambles,Armalite purchased by SAC,Anti Gunners pull out the stops in Colorado recall,From the Office of MisInformation;9 outrageous gun proposals sine Sandy Hook,And the listeners phone calls.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_292.mp3
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We need to look at all the emerging scandals and who they are targeted on,Montana AG denies all media requests to ID those with concealed carry permits,Listeners call and weigh in, Q&A with Rick Ector from Detroit.

Direct download: Lock_n_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_291.mp3
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The myth of 43-1,SYG or run from evil-which do you prefer?,Licensed to carry,Wrong house raid Cops kill Texas homeowner,What should you keep in your car-just in case. Of course listeners calls.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_290.mp3
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Translating Anti gun propaganda into english,Obama mis represents stand your ground,The Cooper color code,Murder most Swedish,Dont get mad at open carry-get mad at violent thieves.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_289.mp3
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Gun grabbers say there is an "Arms Race at Home",From the Office of MisInformation-Standing Our Ground,Nancy Pelosi-Nuff Said,Judge wants to ban sale of toy guns in Maryland,All the critics of Florida's SYG need to actually read it,Best handgun caliber is what?.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_288.mp3
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The Martin Family wants Trayvon's Law,What no one is saying about the Zimmerman Case,Proof the Obama administration is going after the goood guys with guns,What the Left won't tell you about the Boom in gun sales,From the Office of MisInformation;Stand Your Ground has overstayed its welcome,Ms Magazine"My Month with a Gun" debacle.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_287.mp3
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EDC- around the locale and far away, Hedge Funds divest gun holdings despite profitability,MAIG needs new name,McCain proves once again how liberal he can be,From the Office of MisInformatio-Misunderstanding self defense and SYG,Q&A with Rick Ector from Detroit.

Direct download: Lock_n_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_286.mp3
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More bad news for MAIG and Bloomberg,DOJ's Zimmerman tip merely gives impression that agency is acting,People offering to help Zimmerman start receiving death threats,Who needs guns when we have police?,Why gun owners are right to fight gun control,9 dumbest gun control quotes from politicians and celebrities.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_285.mp3
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Such a revealing day with some callers,CDC study backfires on Obama,Colorado politician equates Bloomberg bus tour protesters with Westboro Baptist Church,Kyle Copeland of the Armed Citizen Project,Black man shoots white teen-Jury says self defense-Nobody cares,Obama-Holder-Sharpton and Trayvon,National Geographic gun expose instead expose's journalistic bias.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_284.mp3
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Man takes Buckshot Joe Biden's self defense advice and gets arrested,Lets Ban 80% AR 15 receivers-that might stop crime,Law enforcement likes an armed citzenry,If any doubt exists-hold your gun silent,Trayvon wasn't carrying candy- it might have been ingredients,Lets make the Sanford Florida case about concealed carry,Army Sgt Alonzo Lunsford never heard from Sharpton or Jackson.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_283.mp3
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The Constitution is not a living document,Adam Kokesh no knock raided-David Gregory still walking around,What if Ed McMicheal had shot his unarmed attackers?,Self defense opponents don't care about victims, And the listeners phone calls.

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Illinois is about to be armed and dangerous and some people dont like that,Colorado Sheriffs force change in un enforceable gun law,Chicago misses the point,Zimmerman verdict was not an anomaly,Black Americans in Florida benefit more from Stand Your Ground than others, Joined by my boss Exec. Dir of GunOwners of America Larry Pratt.

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The self defense lessons learned from the Martin/Zimmerman incident, the rest of the show was listeners calling in.

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First live airing at Republic Broadcast Network.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_279.mp3
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This the weekend before the show goes live at Republic Broadcasting Network. This podcast comes from the last show at IRN USA Network. Up to date podcasts will resume Monday.

US Park Police lost track of thousands of guns,Mayor Bloomberg moves to ban sparklers,Colorado hampers methods of obtaining CCW,Proposed bridge over gun divide3 built on shaky ground,If gun rights activists are going to Hell- we will liberate the place.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_278.mp3
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Ted Nugent, Chris Costa, Gun Rights Attorney Evan Nappan,Gun Rights examiner David Codrea, Author Mike Detty

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How do you buy 2000 guns without any paperwork?,Self Defense Live,NY Times revives sue and tax gun industry out of existence strategy,Cop rape case highlights life endangering outrage of the "Only One's" mentality,Carolyn McCarthy-barrel shrouds-assault slings,Senator tricked Newtown families in order to get them to break GOP filibuster,Illinois Dems call for Quinn's verdict on carry bill,The Trayvon Martin case and the limits of self defense, Gun grabbers know everything-It's just that the everything they know is wrong.

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Debating the misunderstanding of the Universal Background Check,First time gun buyers study from NSSF,From the Office of Mis Information:Ending the imposed ignorance on guns,Email to gun grabbers from the No More Names Bus Tour,Beginning of the end for Connecticut's Firearms Industry?,Recalled Colorado Senators are desperate,Bloomberg caught with both hands in the cookie jar,MAIG hunter revealed.

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Courts should treat gun rights as liberally as abortion rights,NetRoots Conventio:Supposters of gun rights are going to hell!,From the office of misinformation:Rethinking Gun Control,From the Obama Ammo Grab-Joined by Anthony Mele' from AMI Global as we discuss the ammo deal that was squashed by the ATF.

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For the Office of Mis Information-Let shooting victims sue gun manufacturers and pay blood money,Bloomberg can't afford to run MAIG on his own dime,Inside the great Obama ammo grab,Indoor gun range-in Manhatten?,MAIG member drops out and now wants concealed carry permit, Nullification continues to gather momentum.

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Lock N Load with Bill Frady Ep 273

Turns out 1 in 12 of the names on the Maig bus tour were killed by police or civilians in self defense,Bloombergian gun madness,ATF releases gun trace data,Iraq-Gun Control Lab,Bottom drops out of AR 15 market,Gun control Goliath cries foul as David fights back,An hour long discussion with Larry Pratt Executive Director of GunOwners of America.

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Pro Gunners out number anti gunners at NH MAIG bus tour event,Next stop Blacksburg Virginia, Predators still go after older people,The Glock Block,Bloomberg regards self defense as gun violence,CO recall effort is verified,FBI nevermisses or shoots the wrong people-according to the FBI,GunOwners of America steps in to defend kid facing jail for wearing a gun rights t shirt,Insurance company in Kansas pulls coverage on schools that allow armed teachers,911 call gone wrong,Why is Joe Biden still talking gun control?,Mental checks for gun purchase's.

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Bloomberg bus tour calls LE when they observe 2 legal open carry people at their kickoff stop in Newtown,Pro Gun Ricin mailer turns out to be Hollywood anti-gunner,Wooing gun makers is slap in the face to Sandy Hook families,You can't just remain silent anymore,AntiGunner writes My Month with a Gun,But she is full of BS,Illinois AG wants yet more time to decide on how to restrict armed self defense,Joe Biden concedes WH gun push has faltered.

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Kris Koenig and I talk about his film Assaulted:Civil Rights Under Fire,Tips to avoid and deal with a home invasion,Washington State considers the same messed up background check bill that the Senate couldnt pass,Chiraq,Sen Dick Durbin threatens to move the ATF to the FBI,White House claims progress on gun control,Milwaukee Sheriff Clarke under attack from County Board,NY Man shot and killed after stabbing ex girlfriend,Bloomberg bus tour.

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Slaughter in gun control Chicago,48 hours and 25 deaths in New York City,Background checks-good for gun buyres-Bad for prospective employers,Bloomberg tactics are misfiring, Bloomberg and Schumer disagree on anti gun message,Bloomberg bus tour coy about locations and dates,Are you willing to die for freedom,SanFran gun rules likely to spur litigation,Bill Clinton and gun control,Chicago is quickly becoming a shooting gallery.

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Toy gun buyback?Really?,School"safety" logo contest illustrates utter hypocrisy on gun imagery,Kurt Hofmann awarded the CSGV's "highest honor",CSGV characterizes oath to obey Constitution as treason,Facts to be recognized in the Gun Control debate 2013,UCLA Professor says Gun Control cannot stop a Madman,Executive Director Larry Pratt Joins me.

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More thoughts on Santa Monica, Zero tolerance policy could backfire on kids,Inside the twisted mind of a gun grabber,Blooberg:Ban double negatives,Staples has backed off of their anti gun stance and who cares,NJ Mom gets her guns back after she was charged with talking,DHS ammo purchases stopped in the House,Illinois delays the inevitable,SanFran City Attorney sues gun companies for selling legal items.

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Santa Monica shooter reinforces the the gun free zone myth,State took guns of man for mischief night egg fight,School teacher responds to sinister 'War on Guns',NY Guns and the Hypocrite of the week, Another rich progressive seeks to bully gun culture,GOA addresses the HIPAA prvacy rule,Illinois prosecuter criticized over concealed carry,Sane Colorado wants to secede from Crazy Colorado to form North Colorado.

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All this spying and they want to dis arm us?, The Schools sinister war on guns,A Few questions for B. Todd Jones,From the Kentucky Gun Company owner Patrick Haden come on to talk about their benefit and raffle for the family of Slain Police Officer Jason Ellis, From Florida Discount Guns Rob Valli come in to discuss his unique offerings and perspective in the Gun Industry.

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Civilians are safer than police,Gun Control FAILS to prevent criminals from getting guns-AGAIN,New CNN host joins Piers as someone who is uncomfortable with the gun culture,Colorado recall target rails against outside money while accepting 55 times as much outside money,New SanFran law seeks to track ammo and ban normal magazines,7 thoughts on the NSA bombshell,Police who shoot the wrong people and civilians who shoot criminals.

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New York was an outdoor range last weekend and the citizens were the target,Micheal Moore walks back suggestion of Newtown victim photo gallery,Maryland suspends boy on bus for saying"gun",Tara Kyle places the blame in the right place,The firing squad professor feels the heat where he works-so he apologizes,Dont use the word militia on Twitter/but you can use jihad,An hour with Rick Ector as we discuss hypocritical gun buybacks and first time shooters and students.

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Lock N Load with Bill Frady Ep 262

MD school wants deaf child to change sign for his name because it violates zero tolerance policy,Police State Europe,From the Office of Misinformation:Gun Control Australian Style,UN ATT is bad-nuff said,Beware delegitimized government,The real war on women,Eric Woodard of 199trust.com joins me to discuss the benefits of a gun trust,Holmes tries to cut a deal, 9 year old dis arms home invader and opens fire.

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Colorado recall works with Morse!,When you have to shoot-shoot;dont talk,The cultural difference between the UK and the US,Is a Revolution in the offing?,NY Guns and the Hypocrite of the Week!,Medford gun firing incident highlights law enforcement double standard,NYT to CT gunmakers-good riddance to bad rubbish,Professor thinks the military should kill gun advocacy groups and members,Most Presidents ignore the Constitution.

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Kindergartener interrogated over un loaded cap gun,Brits want handgun ban repealed,Illinois is shall issue!,Texas Grandpa shot down by cops in his own driveway,Anti gun"Demanding Mom's" funded Bloomberg and the MAIG,Are guns bad?,Staples lumps gun business with all sorts of unsavory types,Do magazine bans require the Supreme Court to ignore DC vs Heller, Obama signing UN ATT tomorrow.

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Letting the mask slip,Durbin shows as much respect for 1st Amendment as he does for 2nd,Demand for ammunitionis up-so why aren't prices?,30 time loser with 8 felonies explains why you shouldn't be allowed to own a gun,Guns as evil talismans,NRA funds Colorado lawsuit,Debate over guns will be back,Clock ticking on Illinois carry effort,UK machete attack,CA Senate passes more gun grabbing.

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Americans to the Senate: Enough with the Gun control already,The Gun Control lies,More than 10 thousand 80% complete AR-15 receivers already sold,Look no farther than Chicago for proof of anti-gun insanity,The Nonsensical abuse of gun owners,Two new studies confirm gun control's worst nightmare: More guns,less crime,Attacks on gun rights coming from dubiously self-proclaimed"gun-owners",NYT stirs up victims of gun violence withh 8 year old story,Brits overwhelmingly want repeal of handgun ban,DC man who killed dog attacking boy defers monetary aid to the boys recovery.

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Cops make shooting mistakes so civilians should not even try,Trying to understand a mindset and its so called "logic", From Grassroots North Carolina I am joined by Paul Valone and we discuss UNC, Majority of Americans believe Feds are too powerful,From the Office of MisInformation:Sensible gun measures curb violence,Texas passes modest campus carry law,A convicted felon compares the average street thug to Adam Lanza,For some reason Gun Manufacturers are held to a higher level of liability than any one else.

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Open with Memorial Day dedication,Gun Control;The Gateway tyranny,Bill Maher-Gun Criminal?,Profiling is wrong-unless you are profiling gun owners,Why NY Cops don't deserve a SAFE Act carve out,While Texan Politico's hatch a carve out of their own,Why did British bystanders watch a soldier get hacked to death?,Glocks-Grip Angles-Picking a gun for self defense,Gun Control is expensive,Debunking gun control lies.

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I am armed-but conditinally dangerous,Anti gunners spin Pew/BJS statistics, Joined by Rick Ector of Legally Armed In Detroit and get to hear about groceriws for guns, Q&A with Adian and Aaron Chavez of Salient Arms International.

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