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Spike’s Tactical And Pipe Hitters Union Responds To Newsweek, Liberal Media Outlet Whines About ‘Threats’ To Antifa, Left-wing media outlets lose minds over gun ad, disregard basic rules of journalism, Oprah Will Run In 2020 Because All The Other Democratic Candidates Are Even Worse.

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James Yeager is back on YouTube and also back on Lock N Load. Tonight we are going to discuss self defense against those 4 legged creatures.


New YouTube Channel.



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Day 3 of the Week of the Weaponized Woman with Special Guest Host Tatiana Whitlock and her guest Jenn Jacques.





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Back in it with Stephen D'Andrilli and Roger Katz of Arbalest Quarrel.




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In Today’s Liberally Screwed-Up Society What is a Reasonable Self Defense Response?, Did Biden, Holder, and Clinton discuss invoking the 25th Amendment against Obama?, Hollywood holds a funeral, Why do 'Temporary Protected Status' refugees need 18 months to leave America?, Reasonable Self Defense Response Tips : Update, Liberal reporter knocked down glass, now puzzled at broken glass all over.

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Day 2 of the Week of the Weaponized Woman, starring Tatiana Whitlock and her guest, Precision Shooter Melissa Gillaland.






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Talking the talk and chewing the fat with Rob Morse.








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A hookah-smoking caterpillar has given media the call, Unhappy New Year for California Gun Owners, NY SAFE Act And Its Recertification Fiasco, Mother Of Dead Robber: ‘Why Did He Shoot Him Five Times?”, Op-Ed Claims Gun Control A Matter Of Officer Safety.

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Opening segment of the Week of the Weaponized Woman with Tatiana Whitlock and Competitive Shooter Tina Martin-Nims.

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Opening with commentator Bryan Crabtree.

 Bryan Crabtree, is the Publisher of Talk40.com, as well as a contributor to Townhall.com, Lifezette.com, ClashDaily.com and DailyCaller.com

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