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Eric Holder can run but there is no hiding,Why does the USDA need sub machine guns,CCW holder in New Haven Connecticut is about to own a big chunk of New Haven,Oklahoma beheading proves we need firearms to fight back,I have noticed some people and I warn them off,The Kennedy family is really a bunch of foul ups,Writer at NY Times does something stupid and blames guns,DC Police losses the fingerprints?

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Holder is retiring but who knows where he goes next,Bloombergs 50 million dollar desire for gun control is backfiring,How Gun control made the UK so violent,NBC shocked to find that more people want armed teachers,NJ and NY highlight the double standard,FBI releases mass shooting report,Moms Demand protest the place they claim to support,Hickenlooper about to pay the price for gun control,10 common mistakes when training with firearms,Peruta could change everything.

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Shaneen Allen is not going to jail!,NY Daily News shocked to discover that UnArmed Teachers cannot protect students,Fact checking Feinstein on the "Assault Weapons" Ban,Moms Demand Action channel Joesph Goebbels, From Pepper and Shooter Magazine I am joined by Vincent DeNiro.

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Our Westgate Mall incident is coming,SAFE Act proponent gets a slap on the wrist for carrying a gun into a school in Buffalo NY,Time Ragazine comes out for banning private sales of guns....again,Stupidest School Safety drill ever,Looking some more at NJ.com Op Ed,The OODA Loop-What is it?-How to apply it? 

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US Military members are disarmed in certain locales while it appears ISIS may hunt them down in their homes,Hey Target-How is that whole gun free zone thing working out?,NJ newspaper calls for mandatory gun confiscation,Dem wants to regulate"ghost guns" nationally,Het Gabby Giffords-No more sympathy for you!,Gun dealers-How about some customer service?,Its a good thing I don't heed NBCs advice.

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Brady Campaign fundraising fraud,After arrests of ISIS members in Australia More than a few people wish they had guns,With terrorist threat present this is when we should all embrace the 2nd Amendment,When you kick out a widow and go for a gun after you are arrested the whole good boy argument goes out the window,Anti gun "study" implies gun ownership and racism go hand in hand,As bad as anti gun policies are for politicians they still look for new strategies, Lets look at some "children" shall we?

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DC Mayor calls for national gun control while moaning about CCW being imposed on his "Special" city,Moms Demand gets kicked off Kroger property during protest,Hey-Bolt action guns are dangerous,One liberal thought bolt guns couldn't possibly be used in a mass killing,With everything the US is facing-What are you doing to prepare,NY Dem:"All my heroes were Americas enemies,We are at war with the Islamic State,Liam Neeson turns out to be just another hoplophobe-ho hum.

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Busting the top 3 myths about the 2nd Amendment,The American Psychological Association needs to be medicated,Moms Demand Action claim a righteous mission but have to lie,Obama Administartion is racially profiling gun buyers,Where are the Racial Avengers and the Moms Demand Action in the case of Shaneen Allen?, A look behind the curtain of gunmagwarehouse.com with Peter Jackson.

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Sonja Sotomayor is one confused Supreme Court Justice,In self defense it can Horrific or Heroic,Billionaire gun grabbers,Beware of psuedo conservatives like Charles Krauthammer,We check in with MDFI Chief Instructor Erik Utrecht during his 2000 mile bike ride for the Brian Terry Foundation, Market Watch keeps running the same anti gun story again and again, Brady Campaign struggles to remain relevant , The President commerorates the victims of the DC Naval Yard Shooting by calling for more gun control.

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Gun ownership math,Right-Mental illness-Knee Jerks,Moms Demand claims support of the 2nd Amendment-Their actions paint a different story,George Zimmerman is NOT a gun fighter!,Feeling safe vs being safe,Houston shopkeeper felt he had to defend his family,MDA would rather see a beating than self defense,The 40% myth deconstructed.

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