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Political Violence, Who’s to Blame, No Company Should Have a Human Resources Department, What? You Mean They Don't Care about Democrat Investigations...Again?, The message of the left.

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Commentary: Face it, gun control doesn’t work, Wow: Canadian Sniper Sets New Record After Shooting An ISIS Fighter Two Miles Away, Democratic Party More Bankrupt Than Ever, Colorado teachers receiving active shooter training, Australian Gun Owner’s Proposed ‘Happy Medium’ Overlooks ‘Shall Not Be Infringed’.

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Journalists Display Weapons-Grade Stupidity Trying to Identify Gun Used in GOP Shooting, Illinois Man Arrested, Charged With Threatening to Shoot President Trump, Ohio Man Faces Numerous Charges After Targeting GOP Rep. Democrats Cause Violence, GUN SALES SPIKE AS PEOPLE BUY DEADLIER WEAPONS TO PROTECT THEMSELVES.

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Why Democrats keep losing, Government says 30% of children caught at border have ties to violent drug gangs, Maybe it's time to send the pollsters and Dems back to school, Why are Democrats still addicted to campaign 'war chests'?

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FBI Report on Alexandria Quietly Debunks the Gun-Controllers’ Talking Points, Frum Control , Nobody wants to take your guns?, For the GOP, Step Up or Become an Irrelevant Majority.

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Spare Me The Principles Lecture, Professor Calls White People "Inhuman", The Left Has One More Argument: Kill Them!, The BBC Can’t do Simple Math When it Comes to Kids and Guns.

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Who Keeps You Safe? You Keep You Safe, How'd that referendum on Trump work out?, Damn It, GOP: Do Something!, Addicted to the Apocalypse .

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Live from Colorado it is The World According to Second Call Defense with Sean Maloney.

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The Progressive Tea Party that Never Was, Building Thoughtful Gun Owners – Defense Of Others…Or Not?, “I Have A Gun!” – Things Not To Say To A Cop, ‘Political Debate Encourages Violence,’ Say CBS, Rasmussen polls.

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3 Huge Concealed Carry Myths Debunked, Children Are Dying Because Of Americans' Denial About Guns, Points to Ponder about New Study on Kids and Guns, Anti-Gun Comedians: Lies Haven’t Worked So They’re Trying Wisecracks, In America We Shoot Back, Are We Nearing A Civil War?




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