Lock N Load with Bill Frady podcast

Twitter threats to kill Rep. Goodlatte reveals multiple levels of leftist hypocrisy, Emerson Combatives: Are You Prepared For The Fight?, Truck Attacks as Terror Tactic: Denying the Awful Reality, ATF Discovers a new Definition of ‘Automatic’ to Regulate Bump-Stocks.

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Chinese Trade With North Korea Plummeted In The First Two Months Of 2018, For the Gun Grabbers? Let's Ask the Libs in Britain Fighting the Knife Crime ‘Epidemic’, Liberals Announce Plan to Crush Normal Americans in a New “Civil War” (Spoiler: It’s Not a Great Plan), 'Assault Weapon': The Semantic Trojan Horse.

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Twitter CEO Shares And Raves About Article Calling For Dem Victory In Second ‘Civil War’, The Great Lesson of California in America’s New Civil War, De Blasio’s Criminal Justice Deputy Arrested For Having Loaded, Unmarked Handgun, Liberals Celebrate a Deadly Fire on Twitter.

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