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Introducing Arachnigrip with Bob Biedenbach


Judge rules that lawsuit against Trump DACA ban can go forward, Junk science: California calls coffee 'cancerous', What Democrats Stand To Lose In the Gun Debate

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How Do You Really Feel about David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez?, Don’t Expect Gun Grabbers To Be Civil, You Can Try to Repeal the Second Amendment, But You Can't Repeal History, Secret Service: 64 Percent Of Attackers In Mass Attacks Had Mental Health Problems, ATF Publishes Important Notice For Proposed Bump Stock Ban. Here's What You Need to Know.

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To The Cowards Hiding Behind The Parkland Student Activists, The Pulse Night Club Shooter Had Another Intended Target, The 15 minutes of fame are about up for Daniels and Hogg, Why the Second Amendment?, Should We Surrender on Bump Stocks?

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Although I do not consider this to be a setback, I am disappointed. as the 2nd hour finished I realized that I was getting more and more dehydrated. Board op and I decided that i was no longer sounding right so the 3rd hour is a rerun. The recovery continues.


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Every Word Liberals Say About Guns Is A Lie, Go Ahead, Try To Repeal The Second Amendment, Grab Your Popcorn: Some Are Worried That The Gun Control Movement Is 'Too White', Where's the Common Sense in 'Common Sense' Gun Laws?

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Joined by Good Gun Bad Guy Author Dan Wos.






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Tonight from Pipe Hitters Union, rejoined by Lincoln Osiris.



Pipe Hitters Union

No better friend, no worse enemy.

Pipe Hitters Union (PHU) was founded in 2004 by a small group of special operations combat veterans that shared a common belief in the unity of cause, the willingness to face extreme obstacles head on and the absolute refusal to backdown in the face of adversity. Since then, the message has spread to like minded individuals from all professions and walks of life. Whether military, law enforcement or civilian, Pipe Hitters throughout the world are pushing their limits daily and making their mark.

What began as a brotherhood born from conflict has evolved into a commitment to continue to live by the values we hold dear, regardless of what stands in our way. The battlefield may change but our resolve to push forward remains the same. Our brand is a mark of distinction and a call for others to join us. 

PHU was born in the spirit of moving together in one direction through the storms of life, no matter how they present themselves. This is a call to embrace turmoil. This a call to thrive in adversity. This is a call to join the Union. 

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The Weaponized Woman with Tatiana Whitlock, tonight, t\leys call her guest Dr LateBloomer.

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About Roger Katz

Roger is an attorney licensed to practice law in Ohio and Arizona. Roger is CEO of Arbalest Group. He is a graduate of Cleveland State University, Cleveland Marshall College of Law and was an Editor of Law Review.

Roger holds a Master of Public Administration Degree from Cleveland State University and holds several degrees from The Ohio State University. He earned a Master of Arts degree in Philosophy, a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and a Bachelor of Science in Education degree in Secondary English Education.

Roger has practiced law for the federal Government in Washington D.C., for the State Government in Arizona, and has been in private practice in Ohio, New York, and Arizona. Roger is a co-founder of Arbalest Group LLC, creator of the Arbalest Quarrel weblog, dedicated to strengthening the Second Amendment, preserving our Bill of Rights, and maintaining a free Republic.


Stephen L. D’Andrilli Stephen L. D’Andrilli Both Roger and his business partner, Stephen L. D’Andrilli, a decorated veteran NYPD Officer and Adjunct Professor/Lecturer of Police Science at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, regularly co-author comprehensive, critical analyses of State and federal firearms laws; critical, extraordinarily detailed, no holds barred analyses of Federal Court decisions impacting the Second Amendment; detailed analyses of pending State and Federal Bills; and detailed analyses of Federal Rules and Regulations, impacting Americans’ Constitutional rights and liberties generally.


They also co- author commentary, with a unique perspective on, and perceptive insight into, news and politics.

Roger and Stephen are regular radio talk show guests on Lock N Load with Bill Frady.

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Not in Kansas Anymore, The March for Their Lies, Lessons From Great Mills, France, Citi, And The March, Hollywood Support For Gun Control Backfires, Note To Marchers: Infringement Is Illegal.

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