Lock N Load with Bill Frady podcast

Research: Background Check Laws Had ‘Little Effect’, Indiana Lawmaker Flips The Script, Proposes Applying Gun Rules To Journalists, Charlie Sykes’s Is Wrong to Call ‘Constitutional Carry’ ‘Nuts’, The One Figure You Probably Haven’t Heard About Mass Shootings.

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Jimmy The Ignorant … And Hateful, ATF signals it won't issue new 'bump stocks' regulation after Las Vegas, Why Would A Gun-Ban Group Change Its Name?, Millennial Support For Gun Rights Frustrates Media, Gun Control Lobby, Weekly Standard Throws down Gauntlet: ‘Let’s Debate on Guns’.

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Why is gun ownership so high in the US?, The real reason Hollywood is gunning for the NRA, You're entitled to be a conspiracy nut on the Vegas massacre, Guess who runs the Motion Picture Association of America in the Weinstein era.

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