Lock N Load with Bill Frady podcast

Harvey Weinstein and Hollywood's Dance of the Fools, The simple truth is that guns help, not hurt, millions of Americans, ATF official who analyzed bump stocks defends agency’s ruling, The Fussy Attack of the Domesticated Conservatives.

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The fatal attraction of single-payer, The Predatory Politics of the Democrats, When Tactical Gear Is Too Much Of A Good Thing, CNN Contributor: What's Left Of Trump's Base Is The Nazi Party, Olympic Gymnast Alleges NBC Buried Her Story About Abuse in Competitive Gymnastics.

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If Liberals Truly Cared About Gun Control, They Would Support Closing U.S. Borders, Vegas Gunman's Use of Bump Stock Reduced Casualties, Why I Oppose Banning Bump Stocks, New Poll Reflects Lack of Education About Guns After Las Vegas Shooting.

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