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Lessons from the Beslan attack and tips on how to prevent that here in the US with Dr John Edeen, John McEnroe is Right: Serena Williams Couldn’t Beat Eggs on Men’s Tour, Gun Owner Rights Don’t Depend on How Tired Shannon Watts is of Joe Scarborough.

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Poll: Congressional shooting ‘won’t change the way people talk about guns’, Federal judge issues temporary stay for California's high capacity magazine ban, Special surprise guest Dr John Edeen from DRGO to talk about Bronx Hospital shooting.

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I will never purchase a Glock again, Tips For Communicating With Police After Shootings, Concealed Carry For Congress, But Not For You, Cop Shot In Face By Unarmed Black Man.

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Some unsolicited advice for left-wing elitists, Who knew journalists were just snowflakes?, Former top State Department official provides an excuse for Hillary’s loss that is laugh out loud ridiculous, The media have themselves to blame, Modeling assassination is more dangerous than verbal endorsement of violence.

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Justice Thomas Chides Colleagues for Ignoring Second Amendment Case, CNN Tries To Move Forward After Its Latest Humiliation, White Terrorist Privilege, The Domestic Terrorism Count: Jihadists vs. Right-Wing Extremism.

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Milwaukee Police Chief Blasted by Police Union for Blaming CCP Law for Violence, Palin sues New York Times for claiming she incited Giffords’ 2011 shooting, If They Really Cared About the Poor, The Left Wouldn’t Disarm Them, Leftist Extremism Is Mainstream Leftism.

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ISIS Fighters Return To Europe, Complain About Job Rejections, For gun reciprocity bill foes, desperate times call for desperate lies, ‘DANGEROUS’ CONCEALED CARRY RECIPROCITY MEASURES CONDEMNED BY MAYORS’ GROUP, What is EDC and why is it Important?

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The World According to Second Call Defense with Sean Maloney.




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Law-Abiding Citizens Have More Than 600 Million Firearms in America, Sig Sauer beat out Glock by more than $100 million on Army handgun bid, Supreme Court agrees non-violent misdemeanor crimes may not strip 2A rights, Fighting Radical Islam – Guns Are the Answer, Great Britain has been Reducing and Disarming the Police.

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Death wish progressives, Why is the Secret Service going so easy on agent who proclaimed she wouldn’t take a bullet for Trump?, Finishing the night with anti gunners we get these 2 gems-Sensible gun control needed, America’s lax gun laws are giving more and more kids an easy path to suicide.

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