Lock N Load with Bill Frady podcast
Lock N Load with Bill Frady Ep 940 Hr 3 Mixdown 1

France wants more armed citizens,Toxic Masculinity?,NYC Pension divests a bunch of loser stocks that sell guns,BB&T tells NY State to buzz off,Facebook is in Big Trouble!

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Lock N Load with Bill Frady Ep 940 Hr 2 Mixdown 1

Lessons learned from recent attacks,Bono Lives!,Intellectual Dishonesty concerning the Gun Crime Epidemic,Shannon Watts leaps prior to looking, The HEART Act nonsense.

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Lock N Load with Bill Frady Ep 940 Hr 1 Mixdown 1

The Anti Cop nonsense has got to stop,Standards exist for non existent Smart Guns,Conversion to the Pro Gun Side,Cleveland Union Goon wants to suspend open carry and Katich says nope.

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