Lock N Load with Bill Frady podcast

How old should a child be when you teach them about guns?,Single Mom defends with a firearms,Some Pigs Are Better Than Others,Debunking some myths,AntGun crowd often shoots themselves in the foot,Senators prep new gun control plan,Press ignores police unless they are anti gun,Pentagon has lost over 200,000 battle rifles in Afganistan.

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Pro Gun policies fail because there were no nuclear wars...or something,Hospital attackers wife says she is glad he was shot,Picking the right pocket pistol,Anti Gun Bloomberg commercial inadvertently shows a womans need for a gun,Don't mess with Texas,DC Carry ruling gets 90 day stay,NPR is flipping out over DC ruling,UPS driver steals 70 guns,Why you should carry.

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The Atlantic blames Army Pistol Procurement Program for street crime,The New York Reload,Drawing from a shoulder holster,Veterans made this country-Now get off our backs,So no one wants to ban guns eh?,You have to break the rules if you want to be free,Moms Demand Action get the credit for the recent crimes at Target,Battle of Athens part 2?,NBC does not like Doctors carrying guns,Rep Carolyn Maloney and The Threat,Obama talks tough but does not prosecute as much gun crime,DC gun grabbers flip out.

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DC is for now a Constitutional Carry district,Doctor who ignored gun free zone sign saves lives,Sign company deluged by orders for guns welcome signs,Boston Police Chief says Bostonians dont need to own rifles or shotguns,Q&A with Texas/US Law Shield,How does the Government pick the members of the Terror Watchlist,Docs vs Glocks plaintiffs told to take a powder,Border Agents say MS 13 using processing centers to recruit,Conservatism is the "Punk Rock" today.

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Tennessee Sheriff hits the jackpot with Project 1033,What is gun violence?,Bloomberg group releases report,Imagine-A guy that owns guns is a killer,We don't need mandatory training,Robbery suspect sues his victims for resisting,Adama Arms drops prices!,The Corporate Ground War,What is the Williow MD?

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Ant Gun Hickenlooper is tight with other Anti Gun Figures,NY Gun Range forced to close after 73 years,Cartels open up on our US Border Patrol,Q&A with Texas Law Shield,World Governments are rushing to make the internet a gun free zone,Daily Kos confuses movie guns and prototypes with real guns,After a brutal home invasion an Anti Gun couple rethink firearm ownership.

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Operation Choke Point hearing reveals DOJ threats,Rep Robin Kelly Reveals anti gun manifesto,Tennesse restaurant sees increase in business with guns welcome sign,New gun owner primer,Guns and 5 gallon buckets,When "Smart Guns" collide with dummies,Nullification strategy,Lberal attacks on"gun nuts" will lose the culture war,The Darwin Award Winner,2nd Amendment is not the only right being attacked,The biggest public health threat is the government,SYG in Florida now seems sort of muddy in application.

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The realities of police response time and self defense,The Roadmap for gun control, The strange details of the Port Arthur Massacre,Revisiting the loss of due process,Detroit police chief credits recent drop in crime to armed citizens,Mark Kelly and his problem with people,Twisting the facts,Pushback against Operation Choke Point increases,Bloomberg and who he gives money to,Faked intimidation,Rolling Stone and their contributed ignorance.

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Pre Crime bills are gaining some traction,Open Carry Arlington wins one in the courts,Gun Control 2.0,Target and Jack in the Box sure are enjoying their perceived gun free zones,NJ Cop Killers wife wish he had killed some more cops,Nurse with a gun breaks up teen aged crime ring,Archie Andrews-Martyred for gun control,Target security officer fired for catching a shop lifter,From the Office of MisInformation:What the 2nd Amendment Intended,Hour long conversation with Larry Pratt-Executive Director of Gunowners of America.

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Spokane Police Chief is really worried about bad guys using airsoft guns,They say "Common Sense" but what are the really advocating,Petition to White House hopes to gut NFA,For What do you train?,Jesse Jackson blames Obama for Chicago violence,Do not be naive about Chris Christie,Bloomberg becoming the man people love to hate,Police fake 911 calls to gain entry,DHS invades small town.

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