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NY State Sheriffs: Cuomo asked for silence,NJ Sen Loretta Weinberg on guns:Confiscate!Confiscate!Confiscate!,F&F is back and haunting Obama,Immigration reform and"gun control"; an alternative view,Advocates put police/gun laws to test,DC Mayor was in on Gregory/NBC coverup,From the Office of MisInformation-Search your heart regarding guns,Firepower leads to starpower,The Desktop CNC machine, Cuomo-NYSP fumble SAFE act gun grab.

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The Obama objective:To control the news,On using pareants of murdered children,DOJ tries to undermine F&F whistleblower,Dodging a bullet,Newest ridiculous gun control scheme?-Liability insurance,Moderate pro gun advocates,Its not the responsibilty of Gun Rights groups to protect the 2nd Amendment-It's ours, Gun control advertising steeped in lies.

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