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Its very bad to teach children how to handle a gun safely,EA says they will no longer pay license fees but intend to use gun designs anyway,Gun owner charges Quincy Mass Police profitting illegally selling seized guns,Liberal media spin on gun crime studies cranks up,Sandy Hook father and proponent of civilian disarmament faces charges,New York Daily News and Mike Lupica-crazy enjoys company,A primer on ammunition and feeding devices for the morons that know nothing about them while trying to ban them,Safe to say: Anti gun crowd cant wait for more children to die,How do you defeat the NRA?

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According to the Dems-Death is part of Life,Gun deaths down 49% since 1993,Exec. Director of Gunowners of America Larry Pratt joins us followed by Cody Wison of Defense Distributed,Obama threatens 14 State Governors with arrest,Despite the drop in violence 56% of Americans think it is on the rise.

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