Lock N Load with Bill Frady podcast

The war on handguns has officially begun,Gun Control cut down by Occams Razor,Government prepares for war with the people and mass media approves,Elected Sheriffs versus political Police Chiefs,Civil resistance and some things to ponder,James Yeager from Tactical Response.

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Call 911 hope you do not die,Democrats attack gun manufacturers access to banking,Government reveals hypocrisy on "assault weapon"terminology,Personal Defense Weapon term is a diamond in the rough,DiFi's ignorance is stunning, Man gets arrested for posting picture holding his daughter and a bb gun,A gunmaker a new law subsidies and irony.

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The great Gun debate,Who gets to call the shots?,Fort Drum brass shredding threatens reloading suppy and more, Little Big Gulp Mike Bloomberg sure is good at being a man of the poeple---Just ask Mr Mattera,The armed hypocrisy of the marquee anti gunners,This just in...Communist Party USA supports Prez Obamas call for gun control.

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Statement for US Rep Trey Gowdy, Why we have guns,Feinsteins guncontrol is ill conceived legislation,Noble Prize Nominee Dr Jim Garrow and the most sobering conversation I have ever participated in.

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SC Attorney General Alan Wilson,the anti gun movement's bridge too far,Obama Fast and Furious and the utter hypocrisy,Democrats in Senate confront doubts at home on gun laws,Gun Violence and the FBI,Prelude to tomorrows guest Dr Jim Garrow.

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NYPD sued over Empire State Building shooting,Cabelas puls out of Harrisburg outdoors show over gun flap,Proposed legislation asserts state control over federal control,Brit says that self defense is a skill beyond most of us, Thank you President Obama and the rest of your liberal bretheren for unmasking and letting us know exactly what you think of us.

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Do gun control laws control guns?,Pentagon says that protests are Acts of Low Level Terrorism,Attitudes about guns are changing,Obama a no show at the OK Corral,Danger of magazine limits.

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Virginia Lawmaker with violent crime past brandishes AK in session to push for more gun control,Biden says "We dont have the time or resources to enforce the law",ATF exposes dealers to pressure and risks to satisfy Obama,DHS calls the AR 15 the perfect Personal Defense Weapon, Tom Brokaw knows better than the countries founders, Bill Clinton warns democrats that gun control is a bad agenda to follow, GOA Executive Director Larry Pratt.

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The liberals want to know how big a gun do we need?,White House doesn't like it when their hypocrisy is pointed out on children,All of the most recent spree shooters were...wait fir it....liberal democrats,In 1999 Obama was against tougher prosecution for scholl shooters,Obama is playing chicken with us,The Missouri rat your kid out or rat yourself out act, Chuck Porter of Sheepdogs Inc gives us a report on the reaction to Obama at SHOT Show, Pro 2nd Amendment Sheriff Chuck Wright of Spartanburg County SC.

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ATF starts their intimidation campaign against private firearm sales, Charles Schumer wants a big box stores to voluntarily cease sales on AR and AK type rifles, Rep Steve Scalise from the 1st District of Louisiana,Obama is doing this for the children unless you are a baby that survives an abortion.

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