Lock N Load with Bill Frady podcast

In keeping with a blog series I'm writing at TheTruthaboutGuns.com. This show is about me and my reasons and journey from being an anti-gunner to 2nd Amendment Advocate.

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Australia;Red Tape =Gun Control, What happened to waitibg periods?, The Truth About Guns Blogmeister Robert Farago

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Apologies for the quality of this podcast, due to a software crash, Coalition to Stop Gun Violence calls all pro gun advocates traitors, Young Hunter cannot sign his name at preschool because it looks like he is simulating a gun,Armed citizen save a police officer.

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NYGuns calls in with something new, Shouldn't we all be against all violence???, I dont think the massive ammo buy by the Gov't. is a conspiracy.

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Ben of ar15news.com comes back and we review the week at his website,The Empire State Building shooting, Why doesn't the Army force shave the Fort Hood jihadi shooter and get the trial underway?

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Holmes chose Cinemark because it was gun free, Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea, ICE wants to uphold the law...so threy sue


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Illinois begins the gunowner rebellion, Grandma stops home invader with a BBQ fork, 20 years later a look back at Ruby Ridge, some American Sikhs wish to trade their ceremonial knives for a handgun.

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14.3 Vs 2.3. Gun buybacks dont work and LEO know this, Google wants to censor so here are some alternatives.

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Who is the government planning to shoot, Did Obama violate the NDAA, Gearing up for SC Gun School.

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Ben of AR15 news.com, And England as a template for the utopian gun free zone??????

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